Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Nature has pretty good taste. Here in the northwest, when the season is starting to serve up some serious summer bounty, I am reminded of all of the great taste combos that are presented to us right out of the ground.

What backyard gardener doesn’t struggle to dream up creative ways to eat yet another summer squash? Grill it, slice it thin and dress it, layer it in lasagna, shred it into bread, gift it to neighbors, bring it to work. By the end of a good season they practically give zucchini away at the farmers market.
And mint—it can take over a garden. You start with one little plant by the garage and the next thing you know it’s rounding the corner and headed for the house. Watch out for the mint!

Which brings me to one of my favorite summer assemblies, or recipes that require little more than putting a few items together on a plate. Grilled summer squash with mint chiffonade is incredibly tasty and a little unexpected. It’s cheap and easy enough to serve it to a crowd. And good all summer long.
Summer Assemblies:
  • Grilled summer squash with mint chiffonade
  • Peaches, basil and fresh mozzarella
  • Tomatoes with gorgonzola, red onions and fresh oregano
  • Sliced, peeled cucumbers with lime and salt
  • Sour cream, blueberries and brown sugar
  • Chives, ricotta and olive oil on wheat toast


Meadow Linn said...

What delicious combinations! I'm hungry just thinking about all the yummy things that can be made from the garden. Thank you for the great suggestions, Abby!

amy said...

Abby your posts are always wonderful! Your pictures are amazing - you certainly have a knack for photo composition. Hope you are enjoying the summer!

Kathryn said...

Finished my morning walk and found stunning photographs and deliciously simple summer eating ideas on your blog when I returned.What a wonderful way to begin a gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest!
Thank you.

pleasantcompany said...

thanks, ladies. three cheers to summer!

Nikki K said...

On the chives idea, there's a dairy at the CapHill market that sells a fresh cheese with chives, it's really good, almost tastes like ricotta and chives.

pleasantcompany said...

fresh cheese with chives....sounds yummy. i'll check that out next week. thanks!