Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oreo Dragon

When the produce man told me they were like Oreo Cookies, I knew I had to try them.  Turns out, I am pretty sure he meant that they look like Oreo Cookies—or more accurately—cookies and cream ice cream. My mom and I were enjoying a girls' trip to Maui, and we were giddy with all the fresh, local fruits: papaya, pineapple, little bananas, passion fruit.  I thought we needed to try these Oreo Cookie flowers too.
But even though I thought I was buying one of my favorite junk foods disguised as fruit, and that turned out not to be that case, I still enjoyed my first ever dragon fruit. 
Inside, dragon fruit have a similar taste and texture to a kiwi (and they look like cookies and cream ice cream). Outside, they’re gorgeous: red or yellow with green tips and a tropical flower-like look.

We chopped ours up with avocado, red pepper, white onion, and sour tangerine juice and ate it with grilled steak. Then we had the leftovers on cottage cheese for breakfast. Tasty.

They’re also popular in juices and cocktails.  "Just add rum” is a pretty good recipe for many things, don't you think?


Dave said...

We first had dragonfruit (along with a delicious slew of other fruit including rambutan, starfruit and the semi-challenging durian) in Hanoi back in 2004 and really enjoyed it. Add the best guava and mango we've ever eaten, and we were very pleased with the new flavors of the exotic fruit plates we were frequently served.

HLJ said...

You will have the BEST lechosa — huge papaya — when you come to Isla Margarita, Venezuela!

Pleasant Company said...

Rambutan...never had that. Sounds exciting!

And yes, Isla Margarita with huge papaya is in my future!!